California State University Stanislaus 

BIOL 4040 - Writing for Science and Life. A hybrid art and science writing proficiency (WP) course co-designed/taught with my husband and best friend, the brilliant Matthew R. Cover, for Stan State's intrepid biology department. We combine the humanities (creative writing, art, freewrites, poetry, etc), with science (STEM-based biology curricula, environmental science-based field research, data collection and analysis, etc), and support scientists in bridging their personal histories, cultures, heritages with their science.  Summer 2016 - current

California State University Stanislaus: Writing Center and the Center for Excellence in Graduate Education (CEGE). As the faculty advisor, I provided graduate students with writing support for professional and academic advancement, including academic essays, research papers, theses and dissertations, personal statements, and more.   Fall 2020 - Spring 2022

San Francisco State University  

CW606 - Art of Revision. Examine and experiment with the artistic processes of a variety of other artists and art forms--such as kintsugi, butoh, sculpture, photography, music composition, and more--and how they connect with and inspire the art of revision. Fall 2022

CW302 - Fundamentals of Creative Reading. A required course for undergraduates majoring in creative writing. Students read literature by diverse authors, and explore fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, poetry, and experimental hybrid forms. Fall 2021, Spring 2022

CW 600 - Uses of Personal Experience. Deepen our practice of incorporating what we see and experience in the world, into our writing. Through the iterative process of freewrites, art, poetry, play readings, and readings of work by diverse authors, learn to access personal experiences with a sense of agency.  Fall 2019 

CW 301 - Fundamentals of Creative Writing. A required course for undergraduates majoring in creative writing. Students read literature by diverse authors, and explored fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, poetry. Students practiced workshopping in an encouraging and dynamic way.  Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

The SmokeLong Quarterly Flash Fiction Workshop: 2-week spring online flash and revision module as part of SLQ's 5-week April intensive workshop devoted to Sex and Intimacy in Flash. April/May 2023

The SmokeLong Quarterly Flash Fiction Workshop: 2-week summer online writing module that was part of SLQ's fabulous seven-week workshop series. This series is devoted to the craft, writing, experimental prompts, and discussion.  July/Aug 2021

The Escapery: Your Art CollectiveCo-founder and workshop facilitator at The Escapery (2015-2021), a collective of teachers dedicated to inclusivity, diversity, emerging writers and artists, and non-hierarchical learning spaces.  After six beautiful years, Syr Beker and I are sailing away from The Escapery and embarking on new artistic adventures! We are beyond grateful for the love and support and inspiration that we received from all of the incredible writers who joined in our Escapery journey.  

Writing Rainbow: QTPOC Free SchoolFounded by the ultra-fabulous Celeste Chan, the QTPOC Free School serves and amplifies marginalized voices, provides a creative and alternative learning space for artists.   Spring 2018 and Winter 2018