The Escapery: Your Art Unschool. Co-founded in 2015 with the incredible Carson Beker, in collaboration with the fabulous Haldane King (founder of Terra Incognita Literary Reading Series), The Escapery is a collective of teachers dedicated to inclusivity, diversity, emerging writers and artists. We offer 5-12 week creative writing workshops, one day intensives, field trips, and editing services.

California State University Stanislaus. BIOL 4040 - Writing for Science and Life. I co-designed and co-teach an innovative, new, hybrid writing/art/science writing proficiency (WP) course with my partner and best friend, the brilliant Matthew R. Cover, in Stan State's intrepid biology department. We combine the humanities (creative writing, art, freewrites, poetry exercises, etc), with science (STEM-based biology curricula, environmental science-based field research, data collection and analysis, etc), and teach students how to conduct generative/supportive peer review. Our BIOL 4040 course encourages and empowers scientists from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We provide multiple and creative ways of approaching scientific and personal questions, and teach students how to articulate their ideas in effective, creative, and unique ways. Summer 2016, Summer 2017, Summer 2019 and beyond.

Writing Rainbow: QTPOC Free School. Founded by the ultra-fabulous Celeste Chan, the QTPOC Free School serves and amplifies marginalized voices, provides a creative and alternative learning space for artists. Spring 2018 and Winter 2018.

San Francisco State University. CW 301 - Fundamentals of Creative Writing. This is a required course for undergraduates majoring in creative writing. Students read literature by diverse authors, and utilize writing prompts and other creative exercises, as a way to explore the multiple genres offered at SFSU: fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, poetry, and translation. Students also practice the art of workshopping their peers' work in an encouraging, supportive, and productive way. Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.