* = Organizer or Curator

*AWP 2019 Panel

She-Radical: Emotional Ally vs. Emotional Labor

AWP 2019 Panel

Un-Workshop: Towards an Expansive Critical Response For Writers


October 20, 2018, Red Poppy Arthouse, San Francisco, Phase III, 8pm

Lambda LitFest

October 3, 2018, Akbar, Los Angeles

Future Tense Books

August 28, 2018, Green Apple Books, San Francisco

Mary: A Journal of New Writing

May 26, 2018, Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland, 6pm

Hazel Reading Series

April 16, 2018, Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco, 8pm

Nomadic Press: Get Lit

March 20, 2018, Ale Industries, Oakland, 7pm

*AWP 2018 Panel: Writing as Migration

March 9, 2018, Tampa Convention Center/Marriott Tampa Waterside, Tampa, FL, 3pm


November 30, 2017, Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland, 7pm

Lyrics & Dirges

November 15, 2017, Pegasus Books, 2349 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, 7:30pm

Nomadic Press

October 20, 2017, 2301 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, 7pm


October 14, 2017, Red Poppy Arthouse, San Francisco, Phase III

Beast Crawl Literary Festival

September 2, 2017, Club BNB, Oakland

MOTHER LODE: Readings on the topic of mothers

May 18, 2017, The Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland, 7pm

Liminal: From All Points But Center

March 18, 2017, The Liminal Center, 3037-38th Ave, Oakland, 12pm

RADAR: Queer Feminist Reading Series

February 16, 2017, San Francisco Public Library, 5:30pm

Voz Sin Tinta

November 10, 2016, Alley Cat Books, San Francisco, 6:30pm


October 15, 2016, Red Poppy Arthouse, San Francisco, 8:30pm

Why There Are Words

August 11, 2016, Studio 333, Sausalito, 7pm


April 18, 2016, SFSU Poetry Center, San Francisco, 5pm


October 2015, Red Poppy Arthouse, San Francisco, 8:30pm

Saturday Night Special

October 29, 2014, Nick's Lounge, Berkeley, 7pm

One Lone Pear Tree

August 7, 2014, 1953 McAllister St, San Francisco, 7:15pm

All's Not Quiet On the Western Front: Readings in Creative Nonfiction

May 6, 2014, SFSU Poetry Center, San Francisco, 4pm


February 12, 2014, Southern Exposure Art Gallery, San Francisco, 7pm


April 9, 2013, SFSU Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery, San Francisco, 5pm

Litquake: Barely Published Authors

October 6, 2012, Makeout Room, San Francisco, 6:30pm

CWC Marin Members Reading

July 26, 2012, Larkspur Library, Marin County, 6:30pm

Break On Through: Writing Series

April 28, 2012, Cafe Crush, Oakland, 2-4pm

Inside Storytime

March 15, 2012, Cafe Royale, San Francisco, 6:30pm

California Writers Week

October 18, 2011, Mill Valley Public Library, Marin County, 12pm

Why There Are Words

October 13, 2011, Studio 333, Sausalito, 7pm