Co-founded with the incredible Carson Beker, The Escapery is a collective of teachers dedicated to inclusivity, diversity, emerging writers and artists. We offer 5-12 week creative writing workshops, one day intensives, field trips, and editing services.

BIOL 4040 - Writing for Science and Life
I co-designed and co-teach an innovative, new, hybrid writing/art/science course BIOL 4040 - Writing for Science and Life, with a tenured track colleague in the CSU Stanislaus biology department. I teach creative writing and incorporate art, freewrites, literary readings, and poetry exercises into biology curricula to encourage and empower students and scientists from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds--to provide multiple ways of approaching questions and articulating ideas. 

Writing Rainbow: QTPOC Free School
Spring 2018 
Founded by the ultra-fabulous Celeste Chan, and hosted at Oakland's awesome Flight Deck, QTPOC Free School serves and amplifies marginalized voices, provides a creative and alternative learning space for artists.

CW 301 - Fundamentals of Creative Writing
This is a required course for undergraduates majoring in creative writing. Students read literature by diverse authors, and utilize writing prompts and other creative exercises, as a way to explore the multiple genres offered at SFSU: fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, poetry, and translation. Students also practice the art of workshopping their peers' work in an encouraging, supportive, and productive way. 

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