A Sleepless Portrait, Mary: A Journal of New Writing (forthcoming!)

The Auctioneer, Mary: A Journal of New Writing (forthcoming!)

Wearing My SkinThe Pinch Journal (October 2017) 

Spider Love SongTahoma Literary Review (August 2017)

I See It AllGone Lawn (July 2017)

The Tale of Grandma SailorThe Sea Shanty Play Anthology (Exit Theater, July 2017)

LouiseFRiGG (June 2017)

She is a BattlegroundLunch Ticket (June 2017)

The Fox Spirit, Hermeneutic Chaos Journal (May 2017)

The Money RunnerPithead Chapel (April 2017) 

When Bones GrowThe Forge Literary Magazine (March 2017)

Lincoln Chan: Pear KingBeloit Fiction Journal (February 2017)

Anatomy of a CloudTypehouse Literary Magazine  (February 2017)

The UnfedFlapperhouse (December 2016)

Bebe the Queen, Midnight Breakfast (December 2016)

This is Me, Foglifter (October 2016)

Odonata at Rest, Liminal Stories (October 2016)

Ladybug Apocalypse, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (August 2016)

Radiance, Fiction Southeast (August 2016)

Little Harlot, Smokelong Quarterly (June 2016)

Ephemeroptera,  Necessary Fiction (May 2016)
Tentacled,  Word Riot (April 2015)

Mom's Desert,  Identity Theory (March 2015)

Bug Dot MilkPrick of the Spindle (September 2011)

Duck Head,  Mill Valley Library Literary Review (June 2011)

My art book, Field Notes was sold in Gallery Route One's (GRO) "Wild Book" art show to benefit GRO's Artists in Schools Program (Point Reyes, CA). For information on current GRO exhibits, visit: here.

Awards, Residencies, & Nominations

When Bones GrowThe Forge Literary Magazine. Nominated by the fabulous John Haggerty and the wonderful editors of FLM for Sundress Publications' Best of the Net 2017 anthology! (March 2017)

Ladybug ApocalypseThe Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. Nominated by the wonderful Randall Brown of JCCA for Braddock Avenue Books' The Best Small Fictions 2017 anthology! (August 2016)

Little HarlotSmokelong Quarterly. Nominated by the incredible Tara Laskowski of Smokelong Quarterly for Braddock Avenue Books' The Best Small Fictions 2017 anthology(June 2016)

Spring Creek Project Collaborative Residency: awarded to artists and writers inspired by nature and science (Summer 2016)

Tentacled, Word Riot. Listed on the Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist!(April 2015)

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