Summer 2014
So HAPPY!!! My collection of short stories was named the runner-up for the 2014 Michael Rubin Book Award, judged by the inimitable, Jacob Appel. Although I did not win, (Jane McDermott is this year's fabulous winner!), I am still so thrilled...Jane is truly brilliant.

Allendale Park Community Center Mosaic
Starting date: August 1, 2014
Completion date: est. 2015
This gorgeous mosaic features two large 15'+ long wall panels at an amazing Oakland neighborhood park that already boasts a bursting community garden encircled by colorful mosaics! I am so happy to be a part of this newest project! 

One Lone Pear Tree
August 7, 2014
"The fruit is ripe on the tree, the bonfire is crackling, the pie is coming fresh out of the oven, and the readers are ready to delight you with more amazing poetry and stories!" _Leonard Crosby (creator of O.L.P.T.) A fantastic night of readings by: Vernon Keeve, Jordan Karnes, Hollie Hardy, and me!! I had such a blast, and felt SO honored to be reading alongside such fabulous poets, poets, and poets!!! Thank you, Leonard and Bo, for hosting such a fun and intimate venue! And for the homemade rhubarb PIE and piggies-in-a-blanket! This was an incredible night! THANK YOU!

Fruitvale District Mosaic
April - July 2014
We completed five gorgeous trashcans completed over this four month period along the bustling 35th Ave in Oakland's Fruitvale District, between International Blvd and Foothill. 
Pictures coming very soon! (Aug. 2014)

All's Not Quiet On the Western Front: Readings in Creative Nonfiction
May 6, 2014
The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, HUM 512
I was so proud to read alongside the uber talents of: Matthew Ankeny, Luke Dani Blue, Juliana Delgado, Diana Fisher, Sarah Heady, Randall Jong, Jen Kulbeck, Amy McNeely, and Daniel Suarez. The awe inspiring writer and professor, Toni Mirosevich, was emcee.

Melrose District Mosaic
Located at the intersection of Bond St. and 48th St, Oakland CA
Start date: November 2013
COMPLETED: April 2014
After nearly six months, we completed our Melrose District Mosaic project. Our motley crew of volunteers toiled over six months on TWELVE 9-foot long panels that were mounted to large planter boxes (built by another dedicated volunteer group) in a busy traffic median. This median was once a dumping ground, a blight to an otherwise vibrant and diverse community. The panels feature notable Oakland and Melrose District landmarks, such as the community swimming pool, high school, churches, theaters, as well as native wildlife. 

Below are photos of the three panels that I helped to design and complet. For photos of the entire project, please visit my art website:

And, in case you were curious, here are a couple photos of what panels looked like before being grouted and mounted on the planters:

BrevityTwelve Moments of Brevity Spread Over One Year (Part XI)
February 12, 2014
I am so honored to be a part of this fun night of readings and performances by Michael Swaine (creator and curator of Brevity), the incredible and incomparable Nona Caspers (SFSU professor in creative writing), Jared Roehrig, and others. I hope to see you there!

Courtland Creek Snake Wall Mosaic
Courtland Creek, San Carlos Ave, Oakland CA
November 2013
(This photo shows just half of a 70-foot long curving wall that we mosaiced)

Mosaic Mania in Oakland!
Courtland Creek, San Carlos Ave, Oakland CA
November 2013
One of our Courtland Creek mosaic projects is featured in the SF Examiner. Check it out

Beautify Oakland!
August 2013
I am part of a dedicated volunteer group led by master mosaic artists Roberto Costa and Karen Difrummolo, to help beautify Oakland, "one trash can at a time." Anyone can learn how to adopt a trash can in your neighborhood! Check out this short documentary that I was part of, made for the City of Oakland, courtesy of Councilwoman, Lynette McElhaney. To view our other mosaics, check out my art page.
(Mosaic by: Roberto Costa, San Carlos Ave, Oakland, CA, September 2013)

April 9, 2013
Location: SFSU Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery

Very Short Fiction Award finalist!!
I was a top -25 finalist for Gimmer Train's Very Short Fiction Award!!  This has been my dream, to make it to the "short stack" on Glimmer Train's editors' desks. I am so incredibly thrilled and honored.

October is "roctober" with Litquake and much, much more! Check out the website to learn more! 

And, join me for Litquake’s Barely Published Authors: October 6 at 7pm $5 at the door, when I read, as selected by Why There Are Words & North Bay Writers.

*poster design by me!  

Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series presents the following readers on the theme Ignored September 13 at Studio 333 in Sausalito, 7-9pm. $5. A stellar night of readings with seven incredible authors? Now that’s something you can’t ignore!

Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series presents the following readers on the theme Underneath August 9 at Studio 333 in Sausalito, 7-9pm. $5. Join us for an extraordinary night as seven authors reveal worlds underneath words. Visit the website for authors' full bios and more info.

Thursday, July 12, 2012. 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 
Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series presents the following readers on the theme After All July 12 at Studio 333 in Sausalito, 7-9pm. $5. Join us as seven authors share stories big and small. It’s why there are words after all!

Thursday, June 14, 2012. 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 

Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series presents the following readers on the theme: Animal June 14 at Studio 333 in Sausalito, 7-9pm. $5. Animalis. Latin for "having breath." Join us for a night that will surely take your breath away! (Poster artwork by me!)

Thursday, May 10, 2012. 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 

Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series presents the following readers on the theme: Unforgotten May 10 at Studio 333 in Sausalito, 7-9pm. $5. Unforgotten. Join us as these authors create another unforgettable night. That's Why There are Words. 

Sunday, April 29th at 2pm
Book Passage in Corte Madera
Five authors who write for both adults and teens share their experiences and answer your questions about moving between these literary "worlds." Panelists include Katie Crouch, Jody Gehrman, Dorthy Hearst, Stacey Jay, and Joan Lester. To read my interview with Jody Gehrman, visit here!

Saturday, April 28th, 2012. 2-4pm
Cafe Crush, on Piedmont Ave in Oakland

The focus of this new reading series is "poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction, about people who have earned for themselves a measure of happiness. Perhaps even grace and peace. We're after accounts of growth through struggle, of arriving to a stronger place on the other side. Break on through. Then tell us how you or your characters did so." (-Marcus Banks, creator and curator of Break on Through)

I had the great honor of being able to join this stellar line-up of authors and poets: John Evans, Allison Landa, and Rebecca Farivar. This is a fantastic reading series that is really doing something new....focusing on "growth through struggle," as opposed to just the struggle. A creative way to remind us of the strength and beauty within all of us that helps us to survive.

Thursday, April 12, 2012. 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 
 Break: an interruption in continuity; a second chance. Shannon Cain, Stan Goldberg, Leo Litwak, Meredith Maran, Sommer Schafer, Linda Gray Sexton, Mary Paynter Sherwin: these seven authors will BREAK through what we think we know about this topic. Join us!  

Thursday March 15th, 6.30 - 8.30 pm
 at Cafe Royale in San Francisco

I will be reading at Inside Storytime!  So, so, so excited!

Thursday, March 8, 2012. 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 
Can the unspeakable be put into words? Chris Cole, Timothy Crandle, Krys Lee, Kate Moses, Meghan Thornton, and Barry Willdorf: come find out when these six writers take on that theme. 

January 24-March 13, 2012
We are in the midst of our second week of writer's group. NBWG meets once per week in Sausalito, for eight weeks. Led by the fabulous Peg Alford Pursell, author of the incredible title story in Fragmentation and Other Stories, writers discuss their works-in-progress, provide and receive helpful critique (peer review), master the art of the quick-write--and all with Peg's supportive and inspired guidance. This workshop has played a crucial part in my development as a writer over the past two years.

February 29-March 3, 2012
Chicago, Illinois
Hilton Chicago & Palmer House

Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series Showcases Chicago Writers. 
Catherine Brady, Goldie Goldbloom, Billy Lombardo, Peter Orner

Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series takes place monthly in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing an important way for writers to reach audiences. Writers are established and emerging authors, selected via submissions. Readings are not tied to book releases (and thus, not marketing decisions); the series operates on the premise that good writing always needs to be heard. This event will feature four Chicago authors reading fiction. We’re proud to have been selected to take part in the conference. Join us!

Scheduled Day: Friday, March 2
Scheduled Time: 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM
Scheduled Room: Hotel, Floor: Continental A, Hilton Chicago, Lobby Level

February 16-20, 2012
Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, CA
The SFWC "features 100+ agents, authors, editors and book industry professionals in a stellar set of opportunities for writing advancement...Attendees have access to more than fifty "how to" sessions, panels, and workshops..." (-Excerpt taken from SFWC website)
This is another fantastic opportunity for writers to reach out to other writers. My motto: Writing doesn't need to be such a lonely process.
Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter!

Thursday, February 9, 2012. 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 

Come see for yourself what all the rave reviews for the reading series have been about. Authors are reading on the theme:  Vision. Marcus Banks, Kirsten Chen, Nicole McFeeley, Chicken John, Jacqueline Luckett, Carol Sheldon, Susanna Solomon, and Jon Wells. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012. 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 

Anne Buelteman, Audrey Ferber, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Seth Harwood, Michael David Lukas, Janis Cooke Newman, Peter Orner, Susanne Pari, and Todd Zuniga.

Why There Are Words’ second year anniversary show is going to be anything other than ordinary. This night we weave literary lace, stories transformed when authors cover other authors’ work. Cover at the door is just $5; a few more dollars gets you drinks and authors’ books. Books, vintage cover tunes rock the house, fabulous readings, and good wine. By night’s end will we all have “juju eyeballs? Walrus scumble?” 

Thursday, December 8, 7-9pm
Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA
It's the LAST show of the year so we’ve got just the theme. That’s right: Last. Join us for the stellar line-up, at Sausalito’s Studio 333 at 7 PM, December 8, for books, beer, wine, and great stories. $5 gets you in the door.
This is my second WTAW event as the social media intern for Peg Alford Pursell.  I hope to see you there!

December 3, 2011
I will be representing the Marin branch of CWC at the upcoming NorCal meeting in Oakland. NorCal is responsible for the Publishing Pathways mentorship program, which assists aspiring writer to get their work out there.  Here is a quote from their website:

"The Publishing Pathways project was born of a conversation between Dave LaRoche and members of  NorCal, a group made up of individuals from the Northern California branches of the California Writers Club.  The conversation began with a question: What can we do to aid the members of the CWC in their quest to be published?" (~excerpt taken from:

Words at the Bird: Blackbird Cafe
Thursday, December 1, 7-9pm
12781 Sir Francis Drake, Inverness CA
On the first Thursday of each month, come listen to three fabulous authors read their work. After the readings, there is open mic that welcomes all!  While you're there, enjoy hot beverages and yummy goodies that you can purchase inside the cafe.

November 24, 2011
You are 33. You are the eldest. And, you've always been taller than me. I love you, Steven.

Another birthday collage!

November 22, 2011
You are 27. You are my littlest sister. But, you are taller than me. I love you.

A Birthday collage

Sunday, November 20, 2011, 
2-4pm, Book Passage, Corte Madera
Author panel: Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken (But Which One)
Three authors share their experiences and answer your questions about breaking writing and publishing “rules” and blazing one’s own unique writing path. Featured author panel: Katherine EllisonMalindo Lo, and Ellen Sussman.
Make sure to check out the CWC website. Become a member today!

California Writers Club:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Did you know that CWCMarin has one of the highest percentages of published authors within the state wide CWC organization?

We need a member to represent us in the NorCal group. NorCal are the nine Northern California branches of CWC. They meet in Oakland every other month on the first Saturday. The agenda includes networking, problem solving/sharing, promotion of branch events, and much more. This is an excellent opportunity for networking for our branch and members. The next meeting is December 3, 2011.

Most important: Tanya Egan Gibson, our wonderful Program Chair for the past three years, needs a break. As you know, our programs are stellar and run the gamut from practicing the craft to networking to all things writerly. With our venue at Book Passage, potential speakers contact us rather than the other way around. The job includes getting the speaker information to the newsletter editor, website manager and publicity chair, and serving as the liaison to Book Passage. Tanya and the rest of the board can help, of course.

Please contact Tanya, or Barbara Truax,"    (~Excerpt from CWC newsletter, submitted by Barb Truax)

Words at the Bird: Blackbird Cafe
First Thursdays, 7-9pm
12781 Sir Francis Drake, Inverness CA
This Thursday, November 3rd, come listen to Jules Evans, Roy Mash, Rosaleen Bertolino (twice a finalist for Glimmer Train's Very Short Fiction Award), and Elizabeth Ptak read! After the readings, there is open mic, that welcomes all!  While you're there, enjoy hot beverages and yummy goodies that you can purchase inside the cafe.

I am the new social media INTERN for Peg Alford Pursell's fabulous reading series, Why There Are Words, which takes place on the second Thursday of every month, in Sausalito. (7pm, Studio 333, Sausalito CA, $5 admission).

I am thrilled with my new role, and so honored that I will be involved with supporting Peg and WTAW.  There is nothing more valuable, more inspirational than a community-supported literary event. The craft of writing is something that takes an incredible amount of work to do, and do well.  The learning, the openness, vulnerability, frustration, and unbounded joy that comes from putting pen to paper is something that writers want to share with their peers, family, and friends--and WTAW is the perfect place to do it.  So don't miss out!  Our next reading is on November 10th, 7pm at Studio 333 in Sausalito.  If you would like to read more about it, or learn about the WTAW creator and curator, make sure to check out Peg's website!

Why There Are Words
Thursday, November 10, 2011 
7pm, Studio 333, Sausalito, CA
Theme: Witness
This awesome reading series will feature: W. Ross Ayers, Jasmin Darznik, Albert Flynn DeSilver, Pam Houston, Joshua Mohr, Linda Joy Myers, Tracy Winn.  This is going to be a night to remember (yes, I  realize that it sounds just like a prom slogan).  But this will truly be an event that you won't want to miss.  Jasmin Darznik, who wrote The Good Daughter, got her PhD from Princeton University, and teaches at Washington and Lee University.  To read bios for all of the readers, please visit the WTAW website.  I hope to see you there! 

November 3 - December 15, 2011
NBWG meets once per week in Sausalito, for six weeks. Led by the fabulous Peg Alford Pursell, author of the incredible title story in Fragmentation and Other Stories, writers discuss their works-in-progress, provide and receive helpful critique (peer review), master the art of the quick-write--and all with Peg's supportive and inspired guidance. This workshop has played a crucial part in my development as a writer over the past two years. There is a waitlist for this popular workshop email Peg as soon as you know you'd like to join. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Event: Revealing Character Through Dialogue
Catherine Brady, award-winning author of Story Logic and the Craft of Fiction, spoke at Book Passage in Corte Madera. This was a FANTASTIC presentation. Professor Brady has been teaching in the MFA program at USF for the past 20 years.  She discussed the elements of developing character through dialogue, and how to do this in the most effective way. Essentially, a writer must be willing to take time to delve into their characters minds, to push the characters to do more than just "look"; instead characters reveal themselves through gestures, inconsistencies, mannerisms, and core instabilities.  If you have want to know more, you MUST buy her book Story Logic and the Craft of Fiction. I keep this book with me at all times; it is my most favorite resource to go to whenever I am stuck. 

California Writers Club: Marin Branch celebrates California Writers Week

October 18th – Mill Valley Library 7 – 8:45 p.m.

October 19th – Novato Main Library 7 – 8:45 p.m.

October 23 - The Gallery at Book Passage 1 – 1:45 p.m. (before the main meeting.)

"Each event will showcase California authors, past and present. The program will include an introduction and history of California Writers Club and California Writers Week followed by a reading from one of the authors on the Legislative Resolution. Other readings will be from two Bay Area authors, one from Marin County and the rest an assortment of readings by CWCMarin members."  -Barb Truax, CWC Marin president.

This was a fabulous night. I was given the honor of reading alongside my CWC peers, many of whom are on the CWC Board: Susan Keller, Dan Keller, Barb Truax, Dr. Joan Steidinger, Roberto Haro, and Gene Miller. They read their fantastic work (original poetry, non-fiction work about running 1000+ miles, and much more), all of which celebrated the diverse aspects of California....aspects that make our colorful state so amazing. It felt like a gift to be in such great company. 

October 7-14, 2011
San Francisco literary festival that showcases fabulous writers who have a close connection to the Bay Area.  There are so many events and readings offered during Litquake, I don't know if I'll be able to keep up! This will be my first time attending so I'm going to give it my all.
Highly Anticipated Reading: Peg Alford Pursell, at Litcrawl's Words on Waves.
Click here to receive the Litquake Newsletter, like I do! 

Why There Are Words is at Litquake:
Thursday, October 13, 2011
7pm, Studio 333, Sausalito, CA
Come join me and my fellow North Bay Writers Group friends! We will be reading from our work! This will be my very first public reading, and I am incredibly honored and excited that I was selected to participate.  There is an added "awesomeness" to this WTAW event: it is happening during the incredible Litquake series, a major SF literary event (Oct 7-14), which I am also a volunteer for. I hope to see you there!  :0)  

There are SO many words that I could use to describe this incredible night.  But the one that always comes to mind when I think about the reading that I did, is: beatitude.  To distill a whole night down to one word might seem like cheating, but it is not.  I loved every single second, listening to all of my writer friends share their stories with passion and vibrancy, and to share my own story with family and friends...In fact, I cannot think of another time where I had more fun, felt more proud of myself, felt so brave....and was this happy.  :0)  Thank you, Peg, for this incredible opportunity!

September 15 - October 20, 2011
NBWG meets once per week in Sausalito, for six weeks. Led by the fabulous Peg Alford Pursell, author of the incredible title story in Fragmentation and Other Stories, writers discuss their works-in-progress, provide and receive helpful critique (peer review), master the art of the quick-write--and all with Peg's supportive and inspired guidance. This workshop has played a crucial part in my development as a writer over the past two years.

The 2011 Joy Harjo Poetry Prize and Rick DeMarinis Short Fiction Prize: presented by Cutthroat Magazine
Deadline: October 10th, 2011
General Guidelines:
Send up to 3 poems (100 line limit/one poem per page) or a short story (5000 word limit/double spaced) in 12 font. Unpublished work only. No author name may appear anywhere on  manuscript.  Publication for winners, in: Cutthroat, and announced on the PW and AWP Chronicle websites.
For more info:
$1250 first prize in both genres; $250 second prize, plus publication.

How to Write Flash Fiction: with Peg Alford Pursell
SKU: x89575
Don't miss out on learning from Peg Alford Pursell: How to Write Flash Fiction
Sat., Oct. 1, 2011 • 10:00-3:00 pm • $85
Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA 94925
Price: $85.00
Visit the link (above) to purchase tickets to this workshop, with the brilliant Peg Alford Pursell.

The Quirky Writers Group
September 27, 2011
I am part of two writers group, the celebrated, North Bay Writers Group, and the  new Quirky Writers Group (QWG). The QWG meets in Corte Madera, once a month, with its focus being long manuscripts (fiction or non-fiction). Our last meeting was on September 23rd at the workshop facilitator's house. This is an invitation-only group, so for more information please email me at:  nancy.peascarrots [at] gmail [dot] com. Workshops are a great way to stay connected with other writers and to stay motivated.   My motto: Writers, Write on!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

2-4pm Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA

Event: Traditional Publishing or Self Publishing: Which one is for you?

"Our panel of authors and publishing professionals includes April Eberhardt, literary agent;Judith Marshall, author of Husbands May Come and Go But Friends Are ForeverHolly Payne, author of Kingdom of SimplicityThe Sound of Blue and The Virgin's Knot, and founder of Skywriter Books; and Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, author of Love in TranslationMidori by Moonlight, and Marriage in Translation: Foreign Wife, Japanese Husband." -CWC website

What a fabulous event!  Three authors, all experienced and enthusiastic about the different ways of publishing (both traditional and independent) shared their insights into this vast and confusing topic. With what I learned, I know one thing for certain: the world of publishing changes rapidly, nothing is certain, and stay informed.  There are so many elements that go into deciding where to publish, and how.  I never knew that.  As a relatively novice writer, I had this image of a distinguished publishing house with a thousand employees falling over themselves to help set up book tours and print posters and get coffee for newly published authors. This is not the case. At least not any more.  The work that goes into publicizing your work is not necessarily part of the publication deals that authors make with publishing houses.  This work, is more often than not, being done by (and paid for) by the authors!  It is important to know how and where your work is being represented.  Holly Payne (one of the panelists in this CWC event) spoke about her experiences with misrepresentation by her publisher, and how she decided to take it into her own hands. Her work was too important for it to be lost through the cracks. 

Thank you, to all of the CWC Board Members and the panelists for putting on such an informative and comprehensive literary event!  I hope to see you all there next month, when we'll be listening to the incomparable Catherine Brady, author of Story Logic and the Craft of Fiction, speak about "revealing character through dialogue." I've owned Ms. Brady's book for the past year, and it is never far from me and my work. If you haven't read her book yet, get it!  Read it!  Revel in it as I have!

September 16 - 17, 2011
College of the Redwoods, Crescent City, CA
Featured Authors and Instructors: Kate Gale, Stefanie Freele, Kat Meads, Scott William Carter, Julian Lang, and Matt Schumacher.
This conference offers a feast of workshops to choose from. I am very excited to learn about "How to write the weird: The whys, hows, and ways of valuable estrangements." Weird is awesome!

Update: This was an INCREDIBLE writers conference.  In truth, this was also my very first writers conference...and boy did I pick a good one.  Matt Schumacher, the instructor for "How to write the weird..." was fabulous. He introduced his class to the complex and hilarious and dark world of prose poetry from the far corners of the world, namely eastern Europe. I learned about a six legged dog, an artist who wore candles in his hat, and how to push our imaginations to improve as writers.  One (of many) memorable lessons: "Don't underestimate the power of mystery."

I never understood what mystery really was, until Mr. Schumacher read to us from his vast collection of poetry. I could not believe how much about life can be explored in such a short space.  Prose poetry has the power and vividness of Flash Fiction, but the format and visual structure is very different...and very effective. I am a new and totally devoted fan, now, of prose poetry.   

Last but not least: Thank you Ken Letko for putting on such an incredible event, and for letting me use your phone to call my ride! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011, 7pm
Authors read their work at Studio 333 on Caledonia St. in Sausalito, CA
Theme of selected readings: Longing
Featured Authors: Carolina De Robertis, Audrey Ferber, Louis Jones, Christina Meldrum, Nina Vida, and John Yewell.
Creator and Curator: Peg Alford Pursell
I'm so excited to hear Audrey Ferber (who teaches writing at UC Berkeley Extension), and Louis Jones (who has been the fiction director for the Squaw Valley Community of Writers), read their work!

Point Reyes Library: Mid-Summer Memoir
Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Check out my non-fiction publications to learn about this forthcoming publication!

The Grotto: Classes in Writing
Sunday, August 21, 2011
The Grotto offers a series of classes, lectures, and workshops in San Francisco, throughout the year. Classes are taught by Pulitzer Prize Winners, and well-respected authors and literary professionals. Fall classes start September 13th, and they normally sell out before the registration period is over, so sign up now!
To join The Grotto, you must have an "invitation" and there must be an opening. But the organization does not consider itself exclusive...just elusive. 
Typical workshop prices hover around the $250 mark for 8-week sessions. So, for now, I've been keeping up to date with literary events in and around SF via their e-newsletter, Grotto Notes. You can do the same! 

August 19, 2011
I've joined the league of volunteers for the upcoming Litquake festival in San Francisco! Litquake is an incredible literary event that spans an entire week and almost the entire city. There are over 800 authors that participate in readings and other presentations...and I'll be right there, right up close to the action. Click here if you are interested in getting involved, too.

The Quirky Writers Workshop
August 18, 2011
I am part of a new writers workshop that meets here in Marin, once a month. Our first meeting is on August 26th in Corte Madera at 2pm, at the workshop facilitator's house. For more information, or if you would like to join, email me at:
nancy.peascarrots [at] gmail [dot] com.
In addition to the North Bay Writers Group that I am a member of, this is another great way to stay connected with other writers and to stay motivated. 
My new motto: Writers, Write On!

August 14, 2011
I am the new CWC-Marin Newsletter editor! Holey-moley, this is such an incredible opportunity! In staying connected with, and contributing to, one of Marin's most vital literary resources, my beliefs are reaffirmed: writing need not be a solitary pursuit. Thank you, Peg and Barb, for your generous support and confidence! I am going to do my very best to make the CWC-Marin Newsletter the most awesome it can be!   

August 4 - 14, 2011
I have attended literary, academic, artistic, and musical presentations at La Biblioteca Publica, on an almost daily basis.  La Biblioteca in San Miguel de Allende (SMA) is the second largest private bilingual library in Latin America. For over 50 years, it has evolved into the cultural center of the city, with a collection of some of the most dedicated and diverse group of artists and writers in the world.  
Highlight Event: I had the great fortune to listen to a world-reknown artist-writer Bea Aaronson, PhD, speak on the discourse of Beauty. She  also read her own poetry, accompanied by the music of two fabulous Mexican guitarists. The effect was something like spoken-word-jazz-poetry-theater. 
SMA is the hardest place that I've ever had to leave! Hasta luego, San Miguel de Allende.  See you in January!   

July 27, 2011
Huzzah! My short story, Bug Dot Milk, has been accepted for publication at the celebrated literary journal, Prick of the Spindle. This is truly a dream come true, to be published by an established and respected journal; this is thanks to the indefatigable support and guidance by my mentor, Peg Alford Pursell. Thank you! Thank you!

July 25, 2011
Membership Status: I've just been accepted as an Active CWC Member! The upcoming meeting will be September 26, 2011. I'm so excited to be able to meet and connect with my fellow writers, here in Marin County, CA.

July 13, 2011
Henry Miller (1891-1980) lived in Big Sur, California from 1944-1962. His literary work was evocative, controversial, and stunningly candid. The Henry Miller Library hosts fabulous Writers Workshops and a ton of musical and film events  throughout the year.  
I signed up to receive their newsletter, to keep me informed of all upcoming events.

Happy Birthday to Peas & Carrots!
July 10, 2011
Hooray, hooray! Today is Peas & Carrots' third birthday!
I started my website in 2008 during the year I lived in the Central Valley (Turlock, CA). I found writing to be the best way to connect with my family and friends back home in the San Francisco Bay Area, to show snippets of my new life through stories. So I guess this is also the third birthday of my life as a writer! 
I've since moved back to the Bay Area, and continue to write everyday with the guidance and support of my NBWG peers here in Marin County, my incredible teacher and mentor Peg Alford Pursell, my loving husband Matthew Cover, PhD, and my awesome family. Thank you, all! 

Writing is Re-writing: A Hands-on Workshop in Revising and Editing:
July 6, 2011
Workshop Topic: Techniques to revise manuscripts through getting to the deeper meaning imbedded in our writing. 
This was the final workshop in a series of four. (I was able to attend three). Ms. Lefkowitz is an incredible instructor and writer who clearly loves what she does. Her enthusiasm inspired a room packed with about twenty-five elderly West Marin-ites, and me.
Featured Author and Instructor: Frances Lefkowitz

California Writers Club, Marin Branch (CWC):
July 5, 2011
Membership Status: In July, I sent in an application (and accompanying short story), hoping to be accepted as a CWC Member, Marin Branch.

SmokeLong Quarterly:
July 5, 2011
I have subscribed to the SmokeLong Quarterly newsletter. SmokeLong is a highly respected publisher of Flash Fiction (up to 1000 words). 
"The term 'smoke-long' comes from the Chinese, who noted that reading a piece of flash takes about the same length of time as smoking a cigarette. All the work [they] publish is precisely that--about a smoke long."  (-Excerpt taken from the SmokeLong home page).

Duotrope Digest:
July 5, 2011
I have signed up to receive the Duotrope Digest (online resource), "an award-winning, free writers' resource listing over 3450 current Fiction and Poetry publications." (-Excerpt taken from the Duotrope home page)
This website will allow me to search for publications that would be a good fit for my own fiction writing. 

Where I Come From:
June 22, 2011
Workshop Topic: Writing About Place and Self
Featured Author and Instructor: Frances Lefkowitz

Memoir Writing Workshop in Point Reyes:
June 15, 2011
Workshop Topic: Writing the 500-word memoir
Featured Author and Instructor: Frances Lefkowitz

Short and Sweet (sooo inaccurate): A Flash Fiction Feast:
June 14, 2011
Flash Fiction readings at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA
Featured Authors: Peg Alford PursellMolly Giles, and Meg Pokrass

Why There Are Words:
June 9, 2011
Authors read their work at Studio 333 on Caledonia St. in Sausalito, CA
Theme of selected readings: Background
Featured Authors: Cyndi Cady, Jeremy Hatch, Beverly Parayno, Alison Luterman, Aneesha Capur, and Molly Giles
Creator and Curator: Peg Alford Pursell

Mill Valley Library Literary Review:
June 1, 2011
Mill Valley Library, Mill Valley, CA
Event: My fictional short story, Duck Head, is published in the Mill Valley Library Literary Review. Copies can be picked up at the library's Reference Desk, (limit one per person).

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP):
May 2011
Membership: I joined the AWP, which is also the publisher of the fabulous Writer's Chronicle.

North Bay Writers Group (NBWG):
2009 -  present
NBWG in Sausalito, CA
Workshop Goals: For "writers of all skill levels, ages, or genres..." to deeply investigate the craft of fiction writing, peer review, and revision.
Creator and Facilitator: Peg Alford Pursell

How to Write Flash Fiction and Why You Want To:
Winter 2009
College of Marin, Kentfield, CA
Class Goals: Learn to write Flash Fiction (500-words or less), fun and sometimes rigorous class exercises, and opportunities to present our own work each week to our peers
Instructor: Peg Alford Pursell

Co-author of Compost Proposal for
California State University, Stanislaus (CSUS):
December 9, 2008 - present
CSU Stanislaus, Turlock, CA
Project proposal presented to the CSUS Biology department administrators and faculty. 
Goal: To run a campus food-waste composting program managed by students (and facilitated by Matthew Cover, PhD, Biology professor at CSUS). 
Outcome: Success! The project proposal was accepted, the food-waste collecting and composting on campus is still going strong. "Finished" compost is used to nourish the students' vegetable garden located on the CSUS campus.